Anti-Slip Concrete New Zealand


Concrete Applications
Non-Slip and Slip Resistant Coating

The Anti Slip Treatment by Concrete Applications is the ideal solution for slippery and wet steps and floors. It prevents expensive accidents as it ensures that the floors are made anti-slip. Keep your home-workplace safe from slips, trips and fall.

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Benefit of our Anti-Slip Spraying Concrete

  • Anti-slip finishes and textures can be applied to the concrete surface making it suitable for inclines/wet areas
  • High abrasion resistance: suitable for high volume traffic areas and vehicular traffic
  • Skid resistance test AS/NZS 3661.1 Sample: float finish sealed stencil concrete -> average skid resistance value 65
  • Low maintenance due to sealing nature
  • Surface hardness: between 7 & 8 on MOHS scale