Crack Repairs

Crack Repairs

Concrete Applications
Concrete is one of the most commonly-used building materials because of its strength and durability. Unfortunately, if you live in a geologically-active region like Auckland, crack repairs are common and even the strongest concrete mixture is no match for the forces of nature. But this doesn’t mean you can no longer do something about the floor cracks that appear and cracked walls at home. You’re in luck because when it comes to crack repairs especially on floors and walls, you can trust Concrete Applications to give you the best solution including addressing your structural cracks.

Why Do Concrete Slabs Crack?

There are many reasons why Auckland concrete walls and floors crack. We already mentioned geological forces in Auckland that somehow create a tear in the concrete matrix of the floor. With the shaking of the Earth, it is but natural that shearing forces will somehow tear apart any concrete slab. However, the floor and/or wall cracks can be worsened by the presence of factors that may have already weakened the concrete structure.

For example, if there was too much water in the concrete mix during the construction of your Auckland home or building, this can lead to a significantly weaker concrete matrix. A single movement in the earth’s crust can already tear the floor apart. The majority of New Zealand construction firms today use an unusually large amount of water in the cement mixture since this makes it a lot easier to work with.

Unfortunately, once the mixture has dried and all the excess water has been removed, the concrete actually shrinks. With shrinkage, different areas of the concrete pull against each other, causing wall cracks and foundation problems. Call us for your questions on slab and foundation repair, floor cracks, and crawl space concerns.

Another reason why there can be cracks on your floor or walls is that the concrete was allowed to dry in a very short period of time. Inadequate curing of the concrete slab retains moisture within the concrete itself. Again this leads to structural problems related to strength.

Auckland Commercial and Residential Crack Repair

When the type of concrete that was used in the building of your home was of substantially different strength, there is a tendency that cracks will also occur. Cement comes in different strengths so pouring the wrong strength of concrete into your wall or floor can also result in the formation of slab cracks.

These are just some of the reasons why you can have cracks on your walls or your floor. Regardless of the cause of the slab or floor cracks, understand that the basic problem is a loss of or a reduction in the strength of the concrete. This is why you will need Concrete Applications comprehensive crack repair solutions.

Crack Repair, the Concrete Applications Way

At Concrete Applications, you can feel more secure with the foundation repair and crack repair solution that we provide. We use extremely-efficient epoxy resin crack injection systems to fill the cracks with super-strong epoxy resins. The product that we use is proven to be exceptionally stronger than the concrete itself, binding to the walls of the opposing surfaces that define the cracks on your wall, crawl space, or your floor. What it does is that it fills the crack and strengthens your home wall or floor. It’s like putting an extraordinarily strong reinforcement into your slab, floor, and wall.

Epoxy crack injections are perfect for structural cracks since they provide exceptional strength. However, if your main concern is floor cracks brought about by moisture or water leakage or seepage into your floor or walls, then you can trust our polyurethane crack injection systems for foundation repair as these are exceptional when it comes to filling cracks left by moisture.

Regardless of the type of crack that your slab, wall, or floor may be suffering from, you can feel a lot more confident about the way we reinforce your structures. Our installers are highly certified to implement these solutions in a very judicious and efficient manner.

If there are cracks on your wall, service area, or even on your floor, don’t wait for them to get worse. Cracks are a sign that your structure is already in its weakened form. With our comprehensive crack repair solutions coupled with our expertise in the application of such solutions, you can reinforce and strengthen your walls and floor. This will give you the sense of security you’re looking for.

At Concrete Applications, we value the opportunity to serve our New Zealand clients to the best of our abilities. Whether you’re a homeowner, a business owner, or the manager of a facility, our floor cracks and crack repair solutions will give you peace of mind serving clients across Australasia. Call us today so we can discuss the floor repair options for your home. We also do foundation repair, crawl space, and slab repair in all of New Zealand.

Transitional and Containment Facilities Inspection approval for MPI

We understand the importance of getting your Transitional Facility approved for the MPI inspection. We make sure that your hard stand Asphalt or Concrete is cleaned, clear of debris, clear of rubbish, clear of vegetation, crack repaired and sealed from any insects 3 meters out from the unloading container. Concrete Applications guarantees a pass upon inspection approval for MPI.

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