Deck Resurfacing Wood New Zealand


Concrete Applications
Concrete Applications uses SANI-TRED’s traditional wood deck sealer and repair products have been recognized as one of the best waterproof deck coating and rubber deck coating systems. SANI-TRED’s traditional wood deck coatings will renovate, waterproof, and repair any traditional wood deck, while maintaining its performance for the life of the structure.

Our traditional wood deck restoration products resist delamination due to PermaFlex’s unique penetrating ability. A traditional deck sealer is no comparison to SANI-TRED’s non skid deck coating system. SANI-TRED products have been designed to permanently adhere to most common building materials through its unique characteristics and qualities it possesses like Flexible Penetration Technology®, Permanent Elongation®, Elongation Memory Technology® and being impervious to water/moisture. These unique qualities make SANI-TRED’s rubberized paint for wood perfect for deck refinishing or deck resurfacing.

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