Leaf Removal


Concrete Applications
Cleaning leaves from backyards and gutters is a chore many are familiar with. If you own a commercial property in Auckland, chances are you’re responsible for a bit more land than your average backyard. Concrete Applications offers a full range of leaf cleaning services. Keep your landscape looking great without breaking your back or your bank.

The Benefits of Leaf Removal Services

Above all else, leaf removal helps your yard look neat and tidy. Freshen up the look of your property by removing unattractive piles of soggy leaves. A clean lawn makes your company more attractive to potential clients.

But the benefits of fall leaf clean up are more than aesthetic. Leaf cleaning services also participate in overall lawn care. Leaf removal benefits include:

  • Maintaining healthy grass growth by ensuring your lawn sill gets sunlight
  • Preventing grass from being smothered beneath leaf piles
  • Managing the spread of fungi and bacteria, which thrive under damp leaves
  • Ensuring water reaches the soil even during the winter
  • Ensuring proper runoff when it rains.
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