Stenciled Spray Texture New Zealand


Concrete Applications
Stenciled Spray textures offer endless patterns options like brick, stone, or tile. A raised surface effect combined with recessed grout lines will give the finish a three-dimensional look. More durable than stamped concrete, Stenciled Spray Textures look and perform great. Transform your existing interior or exterior concrete with one of our popular stencil designed concrete systems. Our unique antiquing and staining process creates an authentic floor with a high-quality layered look.

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  • The real look of bricks, pavers, cobblestone and tiles but with the structural integrity of concrete
  • No subsidence or weed problems like with pavers
  • Anti-slip finishes and textures can be applied to the concrete surface making it suitable for inclines/wet areas
  • High abrasion resistance: suitable for high volume traffic areas and vehicular traffic
  • Average abraded volume as BDRI test method B6 – Appendix C = 2.05cm3 Comparative results: 20 MPA concrete pavers: average abraded volume = 9.6 cm3 60 MPA concrete pavers: average abraded volume= 1.2 cm3
  • Skid resistance test AS/NZS 3661.1 Sample: float finish sealed stencil concrete -> average skid resistance value 65
  • Low maintenance due to sealing nature
  • Surface hardness: between 7 & 8 on MOHS scale