Stone Resurfacing


Concrete Applications

Don’t Replace, Resurface!

We can resurface your Kitchen Benchtop, Wall Tiles, Bathroom sink, & Bathtub. No need for chaotic removal and replacement. No messing around with plumbing, and can take weeks. We make it easy and affordable for Homeowners, Restaurants, Hospitality, and Schools by resurfacing.

Our CA Stone Resurfacing epoxy can be applied to virtually anything with a solid backing. This includes, but not limited to kitchen and bathroom counter tops. Any and all types of tiles in nearly any location, be it shower enclosure, fireplace tiles, entry floor ways…let your imagination go wild. Don’t let gapped formica get you down, or dated cultured marble make you dizzy. No job is too outrageous, just call….We can probably resurface that too!

Wall Tiles

Tile refinishing by Concrete Applications is a detailed and involved process using the finest materials on the market today.

Tiles are first cleaned thoroughly to remove all the dirt, grease, soap scum and oils. After the surface is properly cleaned all the chips are filled and the grout gets a new thin layer to ensure the lines are even.

Our Stone Finish is very desirable and comes in numerous colors which make it easy to match your new surrounding décor. The product is layered over your old tiles and can be done in a matter of hours.

Kitchen Benchtop

Replacing Benchtops and tiles can be expensive, invasive, and time consuming. It requires tearing up the whole kitchen or bathroom, messing with the plumbing, and can take weeks even months in a pair of experienced hands. So what is an alternative solution? Well, that is where we come in.

Sink Refinishing

Repairs are essential, but most people have their own approaches that are taken. Some prefer going down the route of having their entire sink replaced, while others decide to have their sink refinished. It is important in understanding why sink refinishing is the best choice in a cost and time efficient way. That is where CA Stone Resurfacing comes into action, with years of professional experience and a trustworthy reputation; we are able to accommodate all of your sink related needs and desires.
Contact us today for a free quote at your home or business – we’ll be happy to explain the process and benefits of the Stone Resurfacing!